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We live by this statement and we are diligent about following safety requirements so our employees and peers can work efficiently without having to worry about risk of damage to themselves or the job site. We care about people and we care about your investment.

Frequently asked questions

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

An air handler pulls in outside air which is heated or cooled mechanhanically before entering your space. The energy required to condition the air can be high, making these units less efficient but effective.
An HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator) pulls in outside air and uses return air from your space to help bring the outside air to the proper temperature. After that, mechanical heating or cooling is used to make up the difference in temperature needed to properly condition the air entering your space. This allows for as much free tempering as possible which requires less energy making an HRV a more efficient system.

Yes, we offer a standard 1 year warranty on our labor and equipment.

Yes. We are a licensed General Contractor and Mechanical Administrator with the State of Alaska.

Yes. We have our Mechanical Administrators license and many others depending on the type of work you need. We can meet all State of Alaska and City of Fairbanks requirements to complete your project. Contact us for more specifics.

Your HVAC system should have all electrical, mechanical and motor components checked annually. Filters should be checked monthly and be replaced as needed. If checked regularlym your filters will be replaced or cleaned 3-4 times a year. Commercial buildings should have duct work cleaned every 2 years.

This varies depending on the volume of cooking at your establishment. Standard commercial kitchens should have their hoods cleaned every 6 months.

Did you Know?

The EPA has listed poor indoor air quality as one of the top five environmental risks to public health.